Welcome to Control the Crease Goaltending!

CTC Goaltending is a year round goalie school that excels in teaching goalies of all ages the fundamentals and advanced techniques that will help them achieve consistent success! We train goalies of all ages and calibres, ranging from minor hockey to professional goaltenders!

It is our objective to help each of our students attain their desired short-term and long-term goals, using a customized approach that embraces each of their respective strengths, while also ensuring they have a strong understanding of the feedback they receive.

CTC Goaltending aims to advance goalies both technically and mentally! Using applied sport psychology practices, our instructors focus on positively reinforcing proper technique, while also instilling confidence in every session.

Our services range from private/semi-private sessions, to small group training sessions, weekend clinics, pre-tryout and elite camps, video analysis, mental training, and more!

Contact us today at info@ctcgoaltending.com for more information, or to sign up for our training programs!

Control the Crease Goaltending: Mission Statement

As a company, it is our goal to develop all goaltenders, volunteers, and employees in a professional manner that instills confidence, provides a positive experience, and enhances the well being and technical skills of all involved. Through consistent positive reinforcement, it is expected that our goaltenders be challenged to excel both physically and mentally, while receiving consistent, quality feedback throughout each session they participate in. We promise to provide up-to-date and advanced technical instruction, at a price that is competitive within the training industry.

Control the Crease Goaltending: Values

• Instilling confidence in all goaltenders
• Creating a positive and fun environment for every session
• Enhancing the physical and mental well being of all goaltenders
• Remaining up-to-date and innovative on all goaltending techniques
• Developing a strong and consistent work ethic for all goaltenders
• Committing to a high level of integrity and honesty as a company
• Using all resources available to help our clients advance
• Committing to helping our clients achieve all of their desired goals